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Amplify Your Brand with Social Public Relations

Connect with brand ambassadors you never knew you had.

Defiance has been a great partner in helping us with our digital marketing and Paid Search strategy. Defiance has been able to really learn the ins and outs of our business and apply those to our digital marketing strategies to help us achieve our overall business goals.
John, VP Marketing
Defiance, a rare gem. The team's work ethic and deep well of knowledge is delivered to us in a considered, thoughtful way. They are a partner who helps us be better, not a vendor we have to manage.
Alexander, CIO
Outstanding service and care with a deep rooted technical understanding. Responsiveness, treating my ad spend like it is their money and a true understanding of the digital marketing landscape.
Yoni, CEO
Great experience, makes a difference. Very easy to deal with and responsive to any requests.
Will, CEO
They stand out amongst their competitors for their out of the box thinking and knowledge on using AI and data to improve campaigns. They also really know Financial Services and Asset Management which gives them a huge leg up against others.
Lori, Chief Marketing Officer

Engage, Influence, and Grow Your Audience with Social PR

Our Social Public Relations (PR) solutions are designed to amplify your brand's presence through strategic influencer campaigns, YouTube interviews, and podcasts, building authentic connections that resonate with your target audience.

Influencer Campaigns

Leverage influencers to reach engaged audiences who align with your brand values.

YouTube Interviews

Boost visibility with compelling interviews, sharing your story and expertise on the world's largest video platform.


Reach your audience personally and engagingly through high-quality podcast content.

Data-Driven Insights

Measure the impact of your campaigns with advanced analytics, refining strategies for continuous improvement.

Strategic Planning

Develop tailored PR strategies aligned with your business goals, optimizing for success.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Our integrated approach ensures your brand gets noticed, maximizing reach and impact.

how it works

Identify Opportunities:

Pinpoint the best platforms and influencers for your brand.


Create Engaging Content:

Develop compelling content that resonates with your audience.


Execute Campaigns:

Implement influencer collaborations, YouTube interviews, and podcasts.


Analyze Results:

Use data-driven insights to measure success and optimize future campaigns.

Client insights

Success in every industry.

Whether in medical, legal, private equity, financial services, wealth planning, or tax professionals, Defiance Analytics has the expertise to help you succeed.

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