Revitalizing Patient Engagement: True Sports Physical Therapy

Defiance revitalizes strategic intake and digital enhancements, leading to a 150% increase in evaluations and a stunning 751% ROI, generating $2.4M in customer lifetime value from a $315K investment.

Established in 2014, True Sports Physical Therapy has expanded to 14 locations, employing a dedicated team of 45 therapists specializing in high-quality care for sports-related injuries and rehabilitation.

We identified several shortcomings in their lead ingestion process during the onboarding process. These inefficiencies posed a significant risk, potentially deterring prospective patients from completing their engagement with the practice.

To address these challenges, we implemented several strategic enhancements:

Strategic Enhancements:

  • Formation of a Dedicated Intake Team: We established a remote team focused exclusively on patient intake, streamlining the process and improving first-contact experiences.
  • Optimized Ad Placement: We increased the visibility and accessibility of booking options by adding 'Book Now' buttons on Google My Business and enhancing the booking features on the company website and third-party platforms.
  • Integration of Calendar Systems: We implemented a two-way sync between the practice’s master calendar and third-party booking platforms, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted appointment scheduling.
  • Digitization of the Intake Process: By moving the intake process online, we alleviated the workload on the front desk, making the process more efficient.
Campaign Results


Increase in Evaluations


Online Bookings




Customer Lifetime Value


The results of these initiatives were profound. In just five months, there was a 150% increase in initial evaluations booked via phone. Additionally, we saw a 40% increase in leads from other digital booking methods. These improvements generated an impressive total ROI of 751%, valued at $2.4 million.

  • 150% Increase in initial evaluations booked via calls in the last 5 months
  • +40% Additional Leads generated from new booking channels
  • 751% ROI for the practice
  • $2.4m generated CLV (customer lifetime value) generated from $315k spend.
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