Demystifying Data-Driven Growth

Get the answers you need about Defiance Analytics' services, processes, and expertise.

How much work does working with Defiance require from my team?

We do all the work! After the initial onboarding call, we will need access to certain platforms your business uses. Occasionally we will ask you to review the content we produce for approval.

What if I don't have Google Ads, Meta or other ad platforms?

Don't worry, Defiance will set these up for you and give you access in the first week of us working together.

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on the complexity of your business and current set up. Typically clients see results in 1-3 months of working with us.

What businesses does Defiance Analytics work with?

Defiance works with, professional services businesses that can include, medical, legal, and financial services. Our enterprise clients include private equity firms, hedge funds, exchange traded funds firms, and other large B2B companies.

How do you measure success of a campaign?

We look closely at your goals before crafting a campaign. Success is defined by not only meeting those goals but ensuring a positive return on investment from our clients when working with us.

What advertising channels do you specialize in?

Defiance Analytics specializes in a wide array of advertising channels to deliver tailored and effective marketing strategies. Their expertise spans digital advertising, including programmatic display and banner ads; social media advertising across major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit, TikTok, Youtube; and search engine marketing with a focus on paid search strategies like Google Ads and Bing Ads. They also excel in mobile advertising, targeting users through apps and mobile websites, and content marketing by creating and distributing valuable content to engage audiences. Further, Defiance Analytics leverages email marketing for personalized audience engagement and influencer marketing to capitalize on the reach of social media influencers. Video marketing is another area of specialization, utilizing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to engage users visually. They also employ native advertising to seamlessly integrate ads with platform-specific content and out-of-home advertising for visibility in public spaces through digital billboards and transit ads. Additionally, podcast advertising allows them to place ads in various podcast formats, and direct mail remains a staple for reaching customers directly at their homes or businesses. These diverse channels ensure that Defiance Analytics can meet the unique marketing needs and goals of each client effectively.

What is the typical contract or engagement model?

All contracts are 6 months and then month to month with a 30-day opt-out clause. Depending on the plan you choose, clients will have weekly or bi-weekly calls with their account manager where they will review, performance, strategy, goals, and future planning updates as well as be informed of new cutting-edge tools we are consistently adding to our tool box to help our clients.  

What makes your agency unique compared to others?

At Defiance Analytics, our unique approach to marketing and business consulting sets us apart from the competition, particularly when working with clients in the financial services and professional services sectors. Our distinctive qualities lie in our deep industry knowledge, commitment to operational efficiency, and proven track record with multi-billion dollar firms.

Deep Sector Expertise: Our team brings extensive experience in financial and professional services, enabling us to understand the nuances and regulations of these industries better than a generalist marketing agency. This expertise allows us to craft highly targeted strategies that resonate with sophisticated audiences.

Proven Track Record: We have a proven history of assisting multi-billion dollar firms in achieving significant growth. Our strategies are designed not only to enhance visibility and generate leads but also to foster sustainable growth that supports our clients' long-term business objectives.

Operational Efficiency Before Marketing Spend: One of our core principles is ensuring that our client's operations are lean and optimized before significant marketing investments are made. We conduct thorough operational efficiency plans for all our clients, identifying potential savings and improvements to ensure that every marketing dollar spent can yield the highest possible return. This pre-emptive focus on operational efficiency sets us apart and maximizes the impact of subsequent marketing efforts.

Customization and Innovation: We believe in a tailored approach, recognizing that each client's challenges and goals are unique. Our strategies are customized, not only to the industry and business size but also to the company’s specific stage in the business lifecycle. Innovation is at the heart of what we do; we employ the latest marketing technologies and data analytics techniques to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Comprehensive Service Offering: Unlike agencies that specialize in one aspect of marketing, we offer a comprehensive suite of services from strategic planning and lead generation to advanced data analytics and AI consulting. This all-encompassing approach ensures that we can handle every aspect of a client’s marketing needs internally, which provides consistency and efficiency in execution.

These factors combined—our deep understanding of industry-specific challenges, emphasis on operational efficiencies, proven success with large firms, innovative strategies, and a comprehensive service portfolio—distinguish Defiance Analytics as a leader in a crowded marketplace. We deliver not just results, but strategic growth and operational excellence that pave the way for our clients' ongoing success.