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Marketing Operations & Strategy

Transforming Businesses with Strategic Revenue Operations: Maximizing Revenue Streams, Enhancing Customer Experiences, and Optimizing Sales Efficiency.

Attribution & User Journey Tracking

Improve your sales funnel with effective attribution. Identify visitors, including their names and email addresses, to personalize their experience.

Measure & Optimize

Defiance Analytics uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure campaign performance and makes real-time adjustments to optimize growth. This involves refining audience targeting, adjusting ad creatives, and reallocating budget for maximum performance.


Actionable Data

Intent Data

Navigate the buyer's journey with intelligence. We harness intent data to identify and engage prospects who are actively seeking solutions you provide.

Paid Media

Drive growth with optimized paid media strategies. We focus on performance, ensuring you see a positive return on your advertising investments.

Wealth Data

Target with precision. Our wealth data integrates with existing ad platforms, allowing you to focus on prospects by net worth and reach those most likely to become high-value customers.


Cultivate Influence, Drive Brand Recognition

Social PR Engagement

Expand your brand's influence with our Social PR expertise. We align you with leading voices in your industry and book you impactful interviews with influencers to elevate your presence and authority.


Strategic Expertise For Your Business

Business Consulting

Refine your business approach with our consulting services. We offer custom strategies that align with your goals, fostering sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Design Consulting

Enhance user experience with our design consulting. From website to campaign materials, we ensure every interaction with your brand is intuitive and impactful.