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Jacob Ingram

Jacob Ingram, the Miami-based founder of Defiance Analytics, navigates the intersection of marketing and financial services. His six-year tenure has seen him revolutionize analytics integration, skyrocketing client acquisition and market presence. Ingram's background in the special forces instilled in him a sharp strategic edge and resilient leadership qualities that he has successfully translated into the corporate realm. Ingram's previous role at Defiance ETFs helped lead to a $1.5B in asset accumulation.

Larry Richter

Director of Marketing
Larry Richter has been in the advertising industry for over a decade, with specialized focuses in digital media and analytics.He has managed multi-million digital media budgets and lead digital strategy for clients across diverse industries such as hospitality, travel, financial services, automotive, CPG, attractions, health and fitness, food and beverage, and sports verticals. At Defiance Analytics, Larry's strategic vision has been crucial in pioneering data partnerships, overseeing client relationships, and optimizing media plans. In Larry’s spare time, he enjoys watching sports and acting.

Michelle Moore

VP of Web Development
Michelle Moore is a seasoned WordPress website designer with an A.A.S. in Graphic Design and over a decade of experience in digital design and web development. Since 2010, she has designed and maintained hundreds of websites. At Defiance she leads a team of designers and developers, driving projects to not only meet but exceed client expectations. Her expertise is further enhanced by certifications in Inbound Marketing and Growth Driven Design from HubSpot, as well as ongoing participation in advanced online web development courses.

Dr. Sarah Mandel

Head of Content
Dr. Sarah Mandel has over 15 years experience crafting the written word for specific audiences. Her academic background (Oxford, Cambridge, Tel Aviv Universities) brings rigour, accuracy and strategic communication to Defiance Analytics content. Sarah's extensive experience writing and editing for a range of clients - from tech to pharma to investment products - equips Defiance to connect with any audience.

Mike Bairstow

VP Client Success
Mike Bairstow has 8 years of experience in business and marketing management, specializing in Relationship Management. A strategic thinker and effective communicator, Mike excels in adapting strategies to meet dynamic market demands. His problem-solving skills and innovative approach enhance his leadership role, where he builds lasting partnerships and drives measurable success.

Ezra Stern

Account Manager
Ezra Stern brings a strategic vision to digital marketing, combined with a solid educational foundation in business and finance. At Defiance Analytics, he leads digital strategies that harness analytics and multi-channel marketing to drive revenue and enhance client engagement. His leadership has enabled the scaling of complex campaigns, from local medical practices to large e-commerce platforms, resulting in measurable success in asset accumulation and client ROI.
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