Private Equity

Achieve Portfolio Success in Lightening Speed.

Driving private equity firms towards digital distinction and superior deal flow.

Defiance has been a great partner in helping us with our digital marketing and Paid Search strategy. Defiance has been able to really learn the ins and outs of our business and apply those to our digital marketing strategies to help us achieve our overall business goals.
John, VP Marketing
Defiance, a rare gem. The team's work ethic and deep well of knowledge is delivered to us in a considered, thoughtful way. They are a partner who helps us be better, not a vendor we have to manage.
Alexander, CIO
Outstanding service and care with a deep rooted technical understanding. Responsiveness, treating my ad spend like it is their money and a true understanding of the digital marketing landscape.
Yoni, CEO
Great experience, makes a difference. Very easy to deal with and responsive to any requests.
Will, CEO
They stand out amongst their competitors for their out of the box thinking and knowledge on using AI and data to improve campaigns. They also really know Financial Services and Asset Management which gives them a huge leg up against others.
Lori, Chief Marketing Officer

Shaping Perceptions, Securing Investments

In the competitive landscape of private equity, your digital strategy can be the differentiator. Defiance Analytics ensures your firm stands out, attracting quality investments and partners.


Connect with high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors through targeted digital campaigns.

Brand Authority

We help you craft a narrative that speaks to your firm's successes, expertise, and potential.

Strategic Visibility

Increase your visibility to the right audience at the right time to facilitate superior deal flow.

Case studies
Strategic Omni-Channel Marketing for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Client Acquisition
Standing out for their out of the box thinking and knowledge using AI and data to improve campaigns. Knowledge of Financial Services and Asset Management gives them a huge leg up.
Lori, Chief Marketing Officer

Private Equity Portfolio Optimizations

Your Answers to Private Equity Growth and Scalability.

What does Defiance Analytics do differently to our current operations?

Defiance looks at portfolios from an external consulting perspective and identifies ways to improve customer acquisition, save time, and increase operation efficiency. Once this is complete, Defiance designs a marketing-driven go-to-market plan to ensure no dollar is wasted. The total value of the initial valuation is captured in the improved efficiencies and growth expected from a private equity's already thriving business.

What are the results?

Defiance specializes in optimizing PE portfolio companies and growing revenue and profitability. The return on investment is typically in the hundreds, if not thousands, of percent.

How can Defiance guarantee this?

Defiance uses tried and true strategies that have worked for clients. Our team's experience is adaptable to most PE portfolios, and Defiance's confidence is reflected in its results and ROI guarantee.