Enhancing Visibility and Growth for a Fintech Leader's Income ETF

Defiance aids launch of a new ETF with precision: Data-driven campaigns target high-income investors, achieving 1 million clicks and 12,849 conversions, significantly bolstering their presence in the competitive ETF market.

A leading fintech company, established in 2016, is renowned for its innovative approach to single-stock and thematic ETFs. With a significant presence in the ETF market across the US, UK, and EU, this asset manager boasts an impressive portfolio valued at $4.22 billion. The company approached us with the goal of substantially increasing the Assets Under Management (AUM) for their Income ETF.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was to drive growth and scalability for the Income ETF in a highly competitive market. Our objective was to enhance visibility and attract more potential investors to this specific fund.

This strategy included:

  • Data-Driven Targeting: We utilized advanced analytics to precisely target potential investors who exhibited a strong interest in high-income ETFs.
  • Optimized Ad Placement: We strategically placed ads on platforms frequented by our target audience, including financial news sites and investment blogs, to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Engaging Content: The campaign featured compelling content that underscored the unique benefits and potential returns of investing in the Income ETF, enhancing investor interest and engagement.
  • Continuous Optimization: Our team regularly analyzed performance data to refine and adjust strategies, ensuring optimal engagement and conversion rates throughout the campaign.
Campaign Results










This targeted digital marketing campaign effectively increased visibility and investor engagement for the Income ETF. The strategic use of data-driven targeting and optimized ad placements resulted in significant growth in new client acquisitions and an enhancement in managed assets. The campaign not only demonstrated a substantial ROI but also reinforced the asset manager's position as a leader in the ETF industry.

  • Clicks: 1 million
  • Impressions: 280 million
  • Conversions: 12,849
  • Average Cost per Conversion: $67.83
Client insights
Strategic Omnichannel Marketing for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Client Acquisition

Standing out for their out of the box thinking and knowledge using AI and data to improve campaigns. Knowledge of Financial Services and Asset Management gives them a huge leg up.
Lori, Chief Marketing Officer