Enhancing Visibility and Client Acquisition: Baltimore Personal Injury Law Firm

Baltimore law firm partners with Defiance Analytics to boost online presence & client intake with targeted Google Ads, local ads, and remarketing strategies, achieving 21,435 impressions, 7% CTR, and 46 conversions at $218 each.

This Baltimore-based law firm, with a combined legal experience of 75 years, is a full-service firm dedicated to protecting their clients' rights and securing favorable outcomes. With over $14 million awarded in settlements and judgments, the firm has established a strong reputation in the legal community.

The Challenge:

The firm sought to enhance its online visibility and increase client acquisition by targeting individuals actively searching for comprehensive legal services.

Strategic Marketing Initiatives Implemented:

  • Google Ads: We deployed targeted Google Ads campaigns, focusing on keywords relevant to the firm’s practice areas. This approach was designed to capture the attention of potential clients at the moment they were searching for legal services.
  • Google Local Services Ads: To leverage local search traffic and attract clients within the firm's geographic area, we utilized Google Local Services ads. These ads are particularly effective for law firms looking to establish a strong local presence.
  • Email Remarketing Campaigns: Potential leads received personalized emails directly to their inboxes, tailored specifically to the pages they visited on the firm's website. Increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion based on browsing behavior.
  • Site Pixel Implementation: A site pixel was implemented to collect data on user sessions. This information allowed us to understand visitor behaviors better and refine our marketing strategies accordingly, enhancing both the precision and effectiveness of our campaigns.
Campaign Results




Click-Through Rate




Return on Marketing Spend


The comprehensive digital marketing strategy significantly increased the firm’s visibility and client engagement. By effectively utilizing a mix of broad and targeted advertising, along with advanced data analytics, the firm has been able to attract more qualified leads, resulting in increased consultations and retained cases.

  • Impressions: 21,435 ad impressions were generated, indicating significant exposure within targeted demographics.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The campaigns achieved a 7% click-through rate, well above industry averages, demonstrating the effectiveness of our ad copy and targeting strategies.
  • Conversions: The efforts resulted in 46 conversions, where potential clients initiated contact with the firm, either through calls, emails, or form submissions on the firm’s website.
  • Cost Per Conversion: Each conversion had an average cost of $218, a competitive rate considering the high value and potential lifetime value of new clients in the legal industry.
  • Return on Marketing Spend: 3,670%
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Standing out for their out of the box thinking and knowledge using AI and data to improve campaigns. Knowledge of Financial Services and Asset Management gives them a huge leg up.
Lori, Chief Marketing Officer